Posted by: the watchmen | October 9, 2007

9th October – CH Spurgeon

October 9-Morning {Daily Reading: #Mt 21:1-22:46} {Quick Study: #Mt 26:1-28:20}
“Able to keep you from falling.” {#Jude 1:24}
In some sense the path to heaven is very safe, but in otherrespects there is no road so dangerous. It is beset withdifficulties. One false step (and how easy it is to take that ifgrace be absent), and down we go. What a slippery path is thatwhich some of us have to tread! How many times have we toexclaim with the Psalmist, “My feet were almost gone, my stepshad well nigh slipped.” If we were strong, sure footedmountaineers, this would not matter so much; but in ourselves,how weak we are! In the best roads we soon falter, inthe smoothest paths we quickly stumble. These feeble knees ofours can scarcely support our tottering weight. A straw maythrow us, and a pebble can wound us; we are mere childrentremblingly taking our first steps in the walk of faith, ourheavenly Father holds us by the arms or we should soon be down.O, if we are kept from falling, how must we bless the patientpower which watches over us day by day! Think, how prone we areto sin, how apt to choose danger, how strong our tendency tocast ourselves down, and these reflections will make us singmore sweetly than we have ever done, “Glory be to him, who isable to keep us from falling.” We have many foes who try topush us down. The road is rough and we are weak, but in additionto this, enemies lurk in ambush, who rush out when we leastexpect them, and labour to trip us up, or hurl us down thenearest precipice. Only an Almighty arm can preserve us fromthese unseen foes, who are seeking to destroy us. Such an arm isengaged for our defence. He is faithful that hath promised, andhe is able to keep us from falling, so that with a deep sense ofour utter weakness, we may cherish a firm belief in our perfectsafety, and say, with joyful confidence,
Against me earth and hell combine,But on my side is power divine;Jesus is all, and he is mine!



  1. cheek this out

  2. Psalms 23

    The LORD is my shepherd;…. That’s Relationship!

    I shall not want…..That’s Sufficiency!

    He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: …..That’s Rest!

    he leadeth me beside the still waters….That’s Refreshment!

    He restoreth my soul: …..That’s Healing!

    he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness …..That’s Guidance!

    for his name’s sake…..That’s Purpose!

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,…..That’s Testing!

    I will fear no evil:….That’s Protection!

    for thou art with me;…..That’s Faithfulness!

    thy rod and thy staff they comfort me….That’s Security!

    Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:….That’s Hope!

    thou anointest my head with oil; ……That’s Consecration!

    my cup runneth over……That’s Abundance!

    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life…..That’s Blessing!

    and I will dwell in the house of the LORD …..That’s Security!

    for ever…..That’s Eternity!

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