Posted by: the watchmen | October 2, 2007

CH Spurgeon – 2nd October

: #Mt 1:1-4:25}
“Pleasant fruits, new and old, which I have laid up for thee,O my beloved.” {#So 7:13}
The spouse desires to give to Jesus all that she produces.Our heart has “all manner of pleasant fruits,” both “old andnew,” and they are laid up for our Beloved. At this richautumnal season of fruit, let us survey our stores. We havenew fruits. We desire to feel new life, new joy, newgratitude; we wish to make new resolves and carry them out bynew labours; our heart blossoms with new prayers, and our soulis pledging herself to new efforts. But we have some oldfruits too. There is our first love: a choice fruit that! andJesus delights in it. There is our first faith: that simplefaith by which, having nothing, we became possessors of allthings. There is our joy when first we knew the Lord: let usrevive it. We have our old remembrances of the promises. Howfaithful has God been! In sickness, how softly did he make ourbed! In deep waters, how placidly did he buoy us up! In theflaming furnace, how graciously did he deliver us. Old fruits,indeed! We have many of them, for his mercies have been morethan the hairs of our head. Old sins we must regret, but then wehave had repentances which he has given us, by which we havewept our way to the cross, and learned the merit of his blood.We have fruits, this morning, both new and old; but here is thepoint—they are all laid up for Jesus. Truly, those are thebest and most acceptable services in which Jesus is the solitaryaim of the soul, and his glory, without any admixture whatever,the end of all our efforts. Let our many fruits be laid up onlyfor our Beloved; let us display them when he is with us, and nothold them up before the gaze of men. Jesus, we will turn the keyin our garden door, and none shall enter to rob thee of one goodfruit from the soil which thou hast watered with thy bloodysweat. Our all shall be thine, thine only, O Jesus, our Beloved!


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