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one look dictionary

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General dictionaries and glossaries indexed by the OneLook® search engine:
Encarta® World English Dictionary, North American Edition: [107301 words, 14Aug2003, More info]
V2 Vocabulary Building Dictionary: [2042 words, 11Jun2007, More info]
Compact Oxford English Dictionary: [42157 words, 8Sep2004, More info]
Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary, 10th Edition: [107552 words, 15Mar2003, More info]
Cambridge International Dictionary of English: [66408 words, 4Jul2002, More info]
InfoVisual Visual Dictionary: [3884 words, 9Apr2006, More info]
Wiktionary: [458301 words, 3Sep2007, More info]
The Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus: [47719 words, 09.01.2001, More info]
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: [89248 words, 21Jul2003, More info]
Infoplease Dictionary: [127110 words, 2Aug2003, More info] [710879 words, 8Apr2007, More info]
Online Etymology Dictionary: [21327 words, 14Mar2006, More info]
UltraLingua English Dictionary: [103294 words, 31Aug2002, More info]
Cambridge Dictionary of American English: [37791 words, 4Jul2002, More info]
Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms: [5132 words, 4Jul2002, More info]
Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia: [3201550 words, 2Sep2007, More info]
Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs: [1929 words, 4Jul2002, More info]
Online Plain Text English Dictionary: [115807 words, 6Dec2003, More info]
Webster’s Revised Unabridged, 1913 Edition: [88773 words, 31Oct2003, More info]
Rhymezone: [229780 words, 5Nov2003, More info]
CMU Pronouncing: [118581 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
My Hebrew Dictionary: [40 words, 30Mar2003, More info]
Grandiloquent Dictionary: [2039 words, 19Dec2004, More info]
Faclair G?idhlig – Beurla Gaelic – English Dictionary: [5173 words, 25Mar2006, More info]
American British For English Speaking People (American to British): [1791 words, 29Aug2002, More info] Multi-Lingual Dictionary: [175063 words, 12Aug2002, More info]
R-O-Matic Italian/English Dictionary: [3213 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
The Spoken Taino Language: [334 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
GREEK-SERBIAN DICTIONARY: [3932 words, 3Sep2007, More info]
Strange and Unusual Dictionaries: [1762 words, 25Apr2006, More info]
Langtolang English from/to French dictionary: [20075 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
Webster’s 1828 Dictionary: [62949 words, 26Nov2004, More info]
1500 acronymes de l’飯le: [8316 words, 27Mar2006, More info]
18 LANGUAGES MULTILINGUAL DICTIONARY: [9309 words, 10Mar2006, More info]
1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica: [34704 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
A to Z list of the most popular idioms: [185 words, 26Aug2007, More info]
All About Homonyms: [1506 words, 19Dec2004, More info]
Bali: The Online Travel Guide: [978 words, 26Mar2006, More info]
British American For English Speaking People (British to American): [1892 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
Celtic Dictionary: [129 words, 10Mar2006, More info]
Chinese Characters: [398 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
Clᳩca expresi󮠃anaria: [320 words, 10Mar2006, More info]
Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition: [50831 words, 20May2007, More info]
Columbia Gazetteer of North America: [33247 words, 25Apr2003, More info]
Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition ( [7267 words, 5Mar2006, More info] Englisch/Deutsch Wörterbuch: [750745 words, 15Mar2006, More info]
Dictionary of Americanisms (1848): [2225 words, 17Dec2005, More info]
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (1898): [14825 words, 11Apr2003, More info]
Dizionario Esoterico: [1855 words, 14Mar2006, More info]
Double-Tongued Word Wrester: [869 words, 10Apr2006, More info]
E Cobham Brewer, The Reader’s Handbook: [5277 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
ESL Idiom Page: [203 words, 24Mar2003, More info]
Encarta® Online Encyclopedia, North American Edition: [4994 words, 26Aug2003, More info]
Etymologically Speaking: [236 words, 14Mar2006, More info]
Etymologies & Word Origins: [429 words, 4Mar2006, More info]
Foreign Words and Phrases: [74 words, 10Mar2006, More info]
GREEK-CATALAN DICTIONARY: [2470 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
GREEK-ENGLISH DICTIONARY: [2399 words, 5Mar2006, More info]
Gaelic Language (Manx): [48957 words, 26Apr2006, More info]
General English-Spanish: [20735 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
Hutchinson Dictionaries: [17102 words, 11Nov2006, More info]
Hutchinson’s Dictionary of Difficult Words: [14454 words, 27Mar2006, More info]
Langmaker Dictionary of Neologisms: [2140 words, 10Mar2006, More info]
Langtolang: [51081 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
Le Dicomoche: [553 words, 10Oct2002, More info]
Lexical FreeNet (shows word connections): [134189 words, 4Jul2002, More info]
Logos Multilingual E-translation Portal: [52994 words, 26Mar2006, More info]
LookWAYup Translating Dictionary/Thesaurus: [187425 words, 5Mar2006, More info]
Luciferous Logolepsy: [9029 words, 28Aug2005, More info]
Michaelis Moderno DicionᲩo da Lua Portuguesa: [812 words, 5Mar2006, More info]
My Hebrew Picture Dictionary: [180 words, 10Mar2006, More info] [2332 words, 3Sep2007, More info]
New English Words: [112 words, 30Mar2003, More info]
OneLook Dictionaries “Frequently Asked Words” (FAW): [1 words, 4Jul2002, More info]
Phrasal Verb Page: [173 words, 17May2003, More info]
Phrase Finder: [953 words, 4Mar2006, More info]
Robb: German English: [439 words, 14Mar2006, More info]
Robb: Swahili English: [31 words, 10Mar2006, More info]
Robb: Finnish English: [9 words, 5Mar2006, More info]
Rogets Thesaurus: [968 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
Russian dictionary: [157 words, 25Mar2006, More info]
Siglas de Organizaciones en Guatemala: [981 words, 28Nov2003, More info]
Stammtisch Beau Fleuve Acronyms: [21874 words, 23Mar2006, More info]
The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy: [6639 words, 3Dec2003, More info]
The Phrontistery – A Dictionary of Obscure Words: [15361 words, 29Jul2006, More info]
The Word Detective: [1512 words, 21Jan2007, More info]
The Word Spy: [2476 words, 2Sep2007, More info]
Turkish Acronyms to live by: [138 words, 15Mar2006, More info]
Typographical Errors in Library Databases: [410 words, 26Mar2006, More info]
UVic Writer’s Guide: [319 words, 10Nov2003, More info]
UltraLingua French Dictionary: [58671 words, 23Mar2006, More info]
VERBAL VESTIGIA (Words Hanging On By A Single Phrase): [50 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
Virdainas – a Sudovian Dictionary: [5918 words, 21Sep2003, More info]
Who2: [3007 words, 2Sep2007, More info]
WordNet 1.7 Vocabulary Helper: [119160 words, 2Aug2003, More info]
World Wide Words: [1979 words, 21Jan2007, More info]
Worthless Word For The Day: [3515 words, 2Sep2007, More info]
Ye Olde English Sayings: [41 words, 5Mar2006, More info]
Yiddish-Hebrew-English-German-Russian Picture Dictionary: [186 words, 25Mar2006, More info]
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