Posted by: the watchmen | September 30, 2007

Rev. Stephen Dickinson writes——

Rise and fall of governments is in God’s power

I welcome the opportunity to respond to a letter from John Finlay (September 27) where he contends that my accusation of DUP “betrayal” is “simply untrue”.
Mr Finlay’s justification for his belief was a re-run of DUP propaganda that a parrot could recite, because we have heard it that often now. Mr Finlay also mentioned “doom and gloom forecasts” which were demoralising and divisive. It is strange that he should attempt to dismiss a political stand based on Biblical principles to be doom and gloom. I happen to be one of those Christians who believe in the Sovereign power of God and, far from being in doom and gloom, I would be extremely confident that the Sovereign God of Heaven is the One who determines when nations rise and fall and when leaders rise and fall. He is the One who will determine Ulster’s future not Ian Paisley or Martin McGuinness, not the DUP or the IRA – God will, of that I am sure. The scriptures teach us that evil and wickedness are always doomed in God’s eyes and the future for those who reject God’s salvation and God’s principles is always gloomy. May I encourage Mr Finlay to fix his eyes upon Jesus, and when he gets a glimpse of the greatness of God, he might be less inclined to settle for a petty political human deal that seeks to accommodate evil and evil men and women in the Government of this land, contrary to God’s word.Mr Finlay talks about his concern concerning closer London-Dublin co-operation, perhaps he doesn’t watch much television or read the News Letter very often, to see how fast his own party leader and
party are in getting closer to Dublin. That is something that he should be certainly very concerned about. Martin McGuinness is quoted as saying that “the agreement with Ian Paisley has started the countdown to a united Ireland”. Waken up, Mr Finlay, to the reality of what is happening not what your party is trying to convince the unionist people as to what is happening!I am not a politician, but a Christian, as Mr Finlay is, and surely he knows without me having to say it – that those who are Christians and involved in political things approach it differently from those who have no faith or trust in God. Mr Finlay, don’t rush God, don’t go ahead of God, don’t accept dodgy political deals that would not meet with the approval of God – wait for Him, remain faithful to Him, take your stand against evil and allow God to do His work.

Rev Stephen Dickinson


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