Posted by: the watchmen | September 30, 2007


Freemasonry is without doubt the largest and most powerful secret society existing throughout the globe today, having millions of members world wide. It is probably as strong and influential in Ireland and Scotland as anywhere else throughout the world. However, like never before, Freemasonry, its degrees and secrets are being exposed in great detail thus revealing more and more elements of its true nature, workings and its purpose for existing. This is causing damage within and damage without. The Masonic membership is becoming increasingly concerned with its image, whilst potential members are shunning the order in significant numbers. With these public revelations (which are being channelled mainly through television, books and the onset of the internet), Freemasonry has been exposed to greater outside examination. Secrets, teaching and practices that were once concealed behind a thick wall of secrecy are now freely out in the public domain for all to view.
Freemasonry is an organisation that most people have heard of, yet, few know much about. For years, Masonry has told us that the Lodge and its internal workings completely accord with the precepts of Christianity and the teaching of Holy Writ. It is the purpose of this site to examine these claims and establish the real meaning and import of the teaching and practices of Freemasonry. We will investigate Freemasonry from an evangelical perspective using the Word of God as our guide. We will also examine its origins.
Freemasonry Degrees – how they are stuctured:
Freemasonry is a multi-layered esoteric organisation consisting of many varying degrees. This exists because its teaching and philosophy is revealed by a process of gradual enlightenment. The first 3 degrees are known as the Blue Degrees or the Craft Degrees. Following the ‘Blue Lodge’ the candidate can take one of 2 pathways: the Scottish Rite (30 degrees depending on jurisdiction) or the York Rite (number of degrees depends again on jurisdiction). Collectively these two paths are known as the higher degrees.
We will therefore analyses the rituals, degrees and secrets of Freemasonry in the light of Scripture and only expose what we feel contradicts or contravenes God’s Word.
Red Lodge (York Rite)



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