Posted by: the watchmen | September 29, 2007

The King James Bible

The words of the LORD are pure words:
as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.
Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.
Psalm 12:6,7

There are those of you ‘brethren’, so you call yourselves anyway, who would deny me my belief on the King James 1611 Bible being the inspired, pure and preserved words of God. You folks base your criticism on intensive study of the Bible and manuscript evidence falsely so-called (probably not your own studies and so you are just following a man as much as you criticize us for doing). You tell me the AV1611 has many errors in it. You tell me there have been “TEXTUAL” changes in the 7 editions of the AV1611. You all even taunt me about our use of the year 1611. After all, you say, we cannot even read an AV1611 without formatting the text with Roman Type. You would deny me the “ignorant” position of believing the AV1611 being infallible.

Let me ask you to answer the following questions about my position:

1. How many people am I leading to Hell because I believe the AV1611 is infallible?

2. How many young Christians will grow up with a stunted knowledge of the Bible, if I teach them to read it with the belief it is infallible and the very words of God?

3. What is wrong with holding up the AV1611 and telling Bible-believing Christians, “You can trust every word”?

4. How much of my reward will I lose for trusting God to keep his “WORDS” to every generation?

5. If I am not allowed to believe the AV1611 is infallible, then which version should hold that distinction?

6. If no version can hold that distinction, what do you suggest I tell my grand-children the next time they read Psalm 12:6-7?

7. If I am forced to learn Hebrew and Greek before I can study the “words” of God, will you pay for our lessons?

8. Please tell me why you still “preach from” the AV1611 but do not believe it is infallible?

9. Which Bible do you use in your private studies and which one is the “best translation”?

10. Why can’t you just leave us “ignorant brethren” alone with our belief in the infallibility of the Scriptures and let us retain the title “Bible-believers”, while you could use the title “Bible-correctors and interpreters”?

I know I will continue to receive tons of comments telling me how stupid I am, and how ignorant of the truth I am, and how I am leading my friends astray holding up the “infallible” AV1611. But somehow, I cannot see the Lord condemning me for trusting Him and His promise in Psalm 12:6,7. Can anyone imagine I would make God angry because I believe He has preserved for me His inspired words, just as I believe He has promised?

Come on….. What’s wrong with believing the King James Bible Only?

What do YOU have to offer in its place other than confusion – hundreds of different versions all saying different things – hundreds of different Greek texts all saying different things because you DO KNOW that the ‘originals’ are not available, right? You do know that, I hope!

And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. Luke 4:4

What do you have to offer us regarding that EVERY word of God that we are to live by?



  1. Thank you for boldly and courageously standing for the preservation, purity, and perfection of the KJB (the AV1611 – 1769 edition – 7 times purified just as God promised us). You are indeed right on target to challenge the bible correctors in this manner…The spin machine of certain criticisms of the KJB are false and vile propaganda spread by the modern version publishers for sales(money flow). Others claim to be “scholars” yet they are simply KJB detractors having been seduced and duped by Satan’s pawns (the text critics)using the clever scheme of attacking God’s words in this manner. If they truly believe the NIV or NASB or ESV etc. are better why don’t they openly say so and use that “bible” with the same level of trust and faith that we have in God’s promises as found in the KJB. They should promote and use their “bible” version exclusively while openly discarding the KJB and other contenders. They are hypocrites that want the benefits of increased credibility and enhancement to their “gospel marketing” by paying lip service to the KJB. They use this double tongued and double minded approach in their preaching and teaching to attach to themselves the long standing respect and tradition of the KJB, even while correcting it…and while claiming to be more enlightened and “up to date” with advanced textual studies. There is a specific English KJB word for these actions and attitudes toward God’s pure words… “Leasing”…look it up in the OED and see its use in the Psalms in two places…it is not just “lying” or “falsehood” as many wrongly believe…it means lying treachery against your sovereign King…its the worst kind of lying as a traitor against the kingdom and true LORD God, like Lucifer himself! Blaspheming the LORD and His words is very serious business. That is why the KJB uses this term, “leasing” instead of “lying” in those particular passages in the Psalms…you will notice the description of bloody and deceitful men in the same context…the modern versions all miss this kind of precision meaning of words, chosen by God’s men for good reason…the LORD (Jehovah) knows how to use imperfect men to do a perfect work in preserving his words and meaning for our perfect English bible and He did it just as he said he would! The NKJV “bible” deletes the name Jehovah completely…how’s that for “leasing” and blasphemy! Lance Schmidt – Pace, Florida USA

  2. Thank you very much indeed Lance for your highly valued Comment

  3. Great post. I’ve received much criticism for holding the same views as you do about the KJV, but I continue to believe that it is THE infallible, inspired, and preserved translation.

  4. Here are my answers:

    1. Possibly many. Paul told the churches of Galatia that they were fallen from grace because they were introducing doctrinal requirements beyond the pure Gospel. In my opinion, the KJO doctrine does just that.

    2. If by “Bible” you mean the KJV, then many young Christians could have their growth stunted if they never use anything but the KJV. The KJV does an adequate – but not perfect – job of expressing the Greek in English. Remember, the KJV translators said that using multiple translations was necessary to get a proper understanding of Scripture.

    3. Nothing. Just don’t tell lies about other translations.

    4. If you are referring to Psalm 12, you could lose a lot of your reward for twisting God’s Word into something He did not mean. Each instance of “them” in verse 7 is referring to the godly in verse 1 and the poor in verse 5. If you don’t believe this, do some study in a good Hebrew commentary. I have no doubt that God has and will preserve His Word. However, it disgusts me that you would take the precious promise of God to preserve His people, and turn it into a cheap and shoddy proof text for your KJO position. For shame.

    5. The Greek and Hebrew.

    6. I suggest you tell them the truth about what those verses say.

    7. Learning Greek and Hebrew costs nothing and it is not that hard – after all, Greek and Jewish children do it.

    8. The KJV is a pretty good – but not perfect – translation. It is adequate for most preaching and teaching.

    9. I use the KJV in private devotions and teaching. The “best translation” is the one you are most comfortable with, provided it is faithful to the original languages. The Bible most faithful to the original languages is probably the NASB.

    10. We can leave you alone. You can’t leave us alone. Witness this blog, and the snarky attitude in your question 10. If you wanted left alone, you would drop the subject.

  5. Keith, your unfair and unkind comment displays a shallow understanding indeed of the innumerble number of perversions of Holy Scripture.Perversions which have subtly changed cardinal references to The Diety of The Lord Jesus Christ, The Blood of Christ, Hell and many others.
    But for a full, detailed and exhaustive resource guide on the subject I would commend our Bible Versions category on this blog.

  6. I don’t know about the other translations, but the Messages Bible is definitely an attempt to win the other religions who do not believe that Jesus is Lord, by changing that word with just “Master”.
    We do not need to follow the language of the teenagers who have been largely influenced by Hollywood to make it more understandable.
    The so called modern and trendy phrases make the word of God sound vulgar and lost its dignity.

  7. I agree with Sammy Lee, I find the new Bible versiosn lacking in a sense of style and dignity, and often lacking in integrety.

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