Posted by: the watchmen | September 27, 2007

Stephen Dickinson writing about the DUP

By Staff reporter
The political situation in Northern Ireland is getting closer and closer to the reality of Folks on the Hill – I wonder at times who is writing who’s script?
I have been really encouraged to read the comments made by Dr Paisley, Peter Robinson and Ian Paisley Jnr in relation to recent developments in the political arena concerning a future challenge to the DUP betrayal. I hope Jim Allister has read them and taken great comfort and encouragement from them.

Peter Robinson’s sarcastic, dismissive and downright horrible comments concerning Jim Allister recently have given us great cause for rejoicing.

These same people used to talk about Sinn Fein in far worse terms – and today they give Sinn Fein the opportunity to hold power at the highest level in the Government of Northern Ireland and are seen to be enjoying their company and developing a warm and friendly relationship with the enemies of all that the DUP used to stand for.

It would be great to hear that the DUP intends to ‘smash’ Jim Allister and the new movement – because we would know that this was only a coded message from the DUP that really means

‘we can’t wait to work with you but we can’t let this out to the electorate yet. We’ll act the hard men against you, we’ll oppose you, we’ll make it out that we are completely disgusted with you and the principled stand you have taken. You will understand we’ll have to appear to reject you, insult you, oppose you, dismiss you, attack you. The only problem being, Jim, you must be prepared to accept our new friends – the ones who used to murder our people – IRA terrorists’.

Many Christians are saddened with what is happening at Stormont, not just Free Presbyterians – many will be glad that someone like Jim Allister is prepared to champion the cause of Biblical Protestantism in the secular and often sinful world of politics and seek to hold true to the teachings and principles of scripture. God says – “He who honours me, I will honour”.

Rev Stephen Dickinson,


Co Antrim


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